Dim Your Light for No One

When you share your joy and happiness with someone and the joy and happiness is not increased and celebrated, they’re not your friend, and that’s okay, but dim your light for no one. 

Jealousy is a nasty spirit and one you’ll encounter on your journey when you submit to God and allow all the talents and abilities God has blessed you with to shine bright. Dim your light for no one!Holding back your best so some don’t mock, demean, and berate you with that nasty spirit of jealousy only harms you and ensures the gifts you have to offer never gets to those who need them. Dim your light for no one!

Some learn at an early age that it’s more comfortable to deal with sympathy than jealousy, so they dim their light, and only share their faults, challenges, struggles, and mistakes while withholding their successes, joys, hopes, and happiness from themselves, others, and the world. Your joys, happiness, and successes don’t create jealousy in someone, they reveal what’s been lurking within someone all along. And that’s something that is between that person and God. Pray for them, but dim your light for no one! 

You are a sacred blessing, miracle, and gift. God celebrates you, so you deserve to be celebrated. Celebrate the light you’re created as by sharing it with the world. Dim your light for no one.

~ Walk in Beauty


Author: thisholyinstant

Anthony Goulet is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, and full time street outreach crisis counselor.

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