Something We’re Unable to Read

Trying to put the pieces together with words
I always thought
words would save me,
you know?
Now, after I write them
they fall
one letter at a time
down my cheeks
forming something
i’m unable to read

Maybe that’s why
Humpty Dumpty
was never identified
as an egg or by gender
It’s just a bit beyond
what words can do
And maybe that’s
why Humpty Dumpty
couldn’t be put
back together
because sometimes
it’s beyond words
And we have to
step outside of words
to find them
and be
within the Spirit
from which words
are born
allowing the letters
to fall
one tear at a time
And eventually
you look down and see
that you’re floating
upon God’s grace
through the storm
words can’t touch

But the Spirit
that birthed words,
birthed you,
carries us through
on a blessed current
of love
Created by every word
that falls
one letter at a time
down our cheeks
forming something
we’re unable to read



Author: thisholyinstant

Anthony Goulet is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, and full time street outreach crisis counselor.

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