God Is

Years ago when I was going through a rough time, a dear friend of mine told me a story that helped me a lot. I hope it helps you, too.

There was a seven year old girl playing on the porch in her backyard. She was playing with a beautiful, porcelain doll that her grandfather had given her. As she was playing with her doll, she dropped it and the doll broke in many pieces.

She fell to her knees, picked up all of the broken pieces, and in despair she wept uncontrollably. She looked up at the sky and cried out, “Why, God? Why did you let this happen? Fix this. Please, God, fix this.”

From behind the clouds, the girl heard God’s voice. “I know you’re hurting, my darling daughter.”

“God, of course I’m hurting. You know how much this doll means to me.”

“Of course I know. I Am God.”

“And You know it’s the only thing in my life that makes sense. My grandfather, who was my world and passed away last year, gave me this doll.”

“Of course I know that, my darling daughter. I Am God.”

“And You know how much I need You to fix this because it hurts so bad. It hurts so bad, God. Please fix this.”

“I know you’re hurting. And yes, I can fix this. I know all and can do all things. I Am God.”

The girl became furious. “You just keep letting me know You’re here! You keep telling me that You know how I feel, and that You can do all things, but You’re not fixing anything!”

“My darling daughter, I Am God. I love you more than you know. I can do all things. I Am here with you. And I can fix this, but you have to give Me the pieces.” 


Author: thisholyinstant

Anthony Goulet is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, and full time street outreach crisis counselor.

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