Anthony Goulet is an acclaimed author, motivational speaker and trainer whose books as well as his life’s work in youth development is endorsed by national leaders in youth violence prevention, gang intervention, personal transformation and parenting.

Anthony’s first book, God, Help Me Tie My Shoes! The Sacred Contract of Fatherhood, has been utilized by actor/author Hill Harper’s Manifest Your Destiny Foundation as a teaching tool for youth mentors. It was also a finalist in the 2012 Hay House Publisher’s writing competition, and was nominated for USA book of the year award.  It has been endorsed by national leaders in youth violence prevention, gang prevention, parenting, and personal transformation. In God, Help Me Tie My Shoes! The Sacred Contract of Fatherhood a young person named Carlos is guided by prevention workers in transforming the poisons of violence, abandonment, disappointment and heartbreak into healing medicines for himself, his family, his community, and eventually, his father. The story is a fictional story based on very non-fictional events that must be addressed for the healing of our communities throughout the world. This book offers solutions for youth, answers for communities, techniques for professionals, a plea to fathers, and inspiration for all.

Anthony’s second book, The Four, is a story about reclaiming the most significant pieces of our lives to remember our purpose, dreams, and vision. InThe Four, Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears are four best friends who were separated for four years. Join the Four in their four day journey to reunite, save the world, and do one other thing.

Anthony’s third book, Rain of Thoughts, is a book of poems and short stories about the sacred, seventeen inch journey from our head back to our heart.

In his twenty-six year career in youth development, Anthony has led gang prevention and intervention programs, prisoner reentry programs, and worked as a Certified Addictions Counselor with gang affiliated youth and adults providing relapse prevention for substance abuse and criminal behavior. Due to his personal testimony, twenty-five years of professional experience, and ability to articulate the process of transformation with passion and beautiful storytelling, Anthony continues to be sought by many organizations as a motivational speaker, trainer, keynote speaker and presenter.

Anthony works full time as a street outreach crisis counselor in Montgomery County, Texas where he lives with his wonderful wife and children.