My Spiritual Teachers in Order of Importance

my spiritual teachers


At the Crossroads of Reflection

A man was traveling down his path when he decided to stop, turn around and reflect upon his journey thus far. When the man turned around, he saw two roads that he had walked. One road that he looked down showed him all of the pain, loss, and failure he endured. The other path showed him all of the beauty, peace, and joy he had experienced. He sat at the crossroads of reflection for many days. He didn’t want to make any more mistakes or experience further pain. Fear settled upon him. He became frozen in that moment and was unable to continue his journey.

The man had been praying and meditating at the crossroads of reflection for four days, when he heard the crackling of tree branches and leaves. As he peered into the distance, he saw a woman walking towards him from within the thicket of trees that separated the two roads. She was majestic. The light that emanated from her illuminated the entire area. As she gently walked towards the man, he bowed his head to the ground, for he knew he was in the presence of someone or something sacred – someone or something more ancient than human beings.

With reverence and joy, the man slowly lifted his head upwards towards the woman who was now standing in front of him. Tears were streaming down his face. He knew the woman was sent to answer his prayer. The man begged, “Please tell me how to proceed. I don’t want to experience more pain, loss, or failure.”

The woman’s beautiful laughter echoed throughout all the beings of the forest, “Dear, child, there is life and beauty on both of the roads you’re looking back upon. There is also pain and disappointment upon both of those roads. Look over there, child.” The man looked to his left, and about twenty yards away from him, he saw a huge pile of human bones.

The woman continued, “There have been many human beings who spent their entire lives at this crossroads of reflection, waiting, praying and meditating, but never venturing beyond this place. They were all paralyzed by the fear of experiencing pain, loss, or failure, so they made no decision at all, which is a silly decision, don’t you think?”

“Yes, not making a decision is a silly decision, but…”

The woman interrupted him, “You’re asking the wrong questions and meditating upon the wrong things, so of course you’re going to come up with no answers, or conjure up more confusion. Morbid reflection only leads to morbid projection, which is a sneaky trick used by fear. When you can see what is just a little bit beyond what you call right or wrong, sweet or sour, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, success or failure, then you’ll see me, remember my name, and know that I am one of the few things in this life that you have any control over. I am sacred. I am older than human beings. I am at your complete disposal to use correctly or incorrectly whenever you wish.” After saying those words, the woman vanished back beyond the crossroads of reflection.

The man remained at the crossroads of reflection and began to pray and meditate about what is a little bit beyond right or wrong, sweet or sour, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, success or failure. Like a flash of lightning in the middle of a moonless night, the answer illuminated his mind, heart, and the truth of his path. The man’s laughter echoed through the forest in true relief and pure joy. He smiled as the realization came upon him that she is sacred. She is older than human beings. She has always been at his complete disposal. He had used her correctly and incorrectly many times in his life. The sacred woman’s name is Meaning.

The man remembered the times when he experienced pain, loss, and failure, but because he assigned Meaning to do her job correctly, the pain was used to create joy for others, the loss to give more deeply, and the failures were nothing more than learning experiences. He also remembered the times when he was surrounded by beauty, peace, and joy, but because he assigned Meaning to do her job incorrectly, he experienced frustration, isolation, and loneliness. There were many times when he was surrounded by water but still thirsty. And there were many times when he was in the middle of a desert, but with the Creator, the desert was transformed to an oasis of life-giving water.

As Meaning’s reminder settled deep within his heart, the crossroads of reflection instantly transformed back to the one road he had walked. He continued to walk his path the instant the illusion of fear melted away when he assigned Meaning to do her job correctly. He assigned her to every part of his past, present, and future with the Creator’s love and forgiveness.

Show People That You Care About Them

It happened right there on this road, on the exact spot where the bracelet is. A young person tried to throw herself into traffic. When I pushed her back on the side of the road, I fell onto the highway. I’ll never forget how close a bright blue, Dodge Ram truck came to my head before it swerved out of the way.

I kept her away from the highway until the police arrived. In the few minutes that it took for the police to arrive, she screamed at me, over and over again, “You don‘t give a fuck about me! Why didn’t you just let me die!” The police took her to the adolescent psychiatric hospital to be evaluated and treated, not punished.

A little over a week later she was discharged out of the hospital and back to our emergency shelter. When she handed me the bracelet, she said, “Mr. Tony, I made this for you in the hospital. Thank you. I love you. I don’t remember everything from that moment on the highway, but I remember what I screamed at you. What I meant to say is that I couldn’t believe someone actually gave a fuck about me.”

I wear the bracelet quite often as a reminder that there are many hurting people in the world who think no one cares about them. My life’s calling is to prove them wrong.


The Voice of What You Are

The ego only knows how to attack or defend. It wants allies to join in attacks and defense, but it doesn’t want brothers and sisters. It doesnt want brothers and sisters to unite in Truth – in Love.

There’s another Voice within us – the Voice of God that’s always available because It’s what we are. Its Holiness always remebers and reminds ourselves and others that we are all sacred blessings, miracles, and gifts.

We have a choice in which voice we listen to. And the voice we’ve chosen to listen to is evident in what we share – what we teach. And what we teach is what we are choosing to learn.

Take the sacred, seventeen inch walk from your head back to your heart to teach and learn with God in the great, holy love that you are, always have been, and will always be.

~ Walk in Beauty,

Anthony Goulet 

i am Only a secretary

Some people say I am a writer
Others say I am a poet
Still, others say I am a counselor
i am  nothing without Him
Him Who sent me
Him Who created me
Him Whose power 
keeps my heart beating,
my breath flowing,
He keeps me alive and sustains me
i am God’s child
Listening to His Majesty’s Holy dictates
writing, saying, and doing
what God says
i am only a secretary

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A Survivor’s Scream

Do you really understand?
You say you do,
but I can see in your eyes
that you cannot read
between the lines,
so if you really understood,
I wouldn’t have to spell it out

Besides, when I stood
before you as a youth
telling you my truth,
you rejected me

Where I’ve been,
what I’ve experienced –
the sights, sounds, smells,
pain, brokenness –
the colors of the institutions
isn’t something you understand

You think words like
fuck and shit are offensive
So when I enter a room
and instantly connect
with those you can’t
I see the condemnation in your eyes
the same looks
those like you
gave me when I was a youth –
daggers of self-righteous condemnation
emitting moral vomit,
puking your credentials, expertise,
and religious verses on us survivors
that we’ve heard so many times before,
but you’re not even strong enough
to listen to the truth we’ve lived
because that would interrupt
the delicate images in your mind
of how we’re supposed to be,
and cause you to miss our beauty –
the truth of our perfection
forged in fires of hell

We talk because we need to
not because we think you understand,
not because we think you’re listening
because you’re too busy
trying to protect yourself
from the realities
of a survivor’s scream –
a scream you cannot recognize
when you hear it,
and so you’re also blind

Looking Back Upon Forevers

Looking back
upon forever
He really thought
It would be forever
every time

Looking forward
upon forever
He still thinks
It will be forever
every time

Being here, right now
He’s enjoying
the part of forever
he’s in
In this time
this moment
this breath 

We’re all time travelers
caught in the forevers
when it hurt the most
and felt the best
Carrying our forevers