The Divine Dinner Table

Barely being able to see
Over the table
I peeked my head up
And saw I was at a dinner table

There, before me,
are all my favorite foods
drenched in love –
seasoned with compassion,
joy and acceptance
The juice in my cup
Is of the finest nectar
Made from the most
beautiful and nutritious fruits –
sprinkled with lights
from the stars of Heaven
Mixed together by Angels
Who sing as they prepare
Our meal

One of the other children
At the Divine Dinner Table
Began to say a prayer
When a loving, confident,
gentle voice interrupted,
“Everything is already blessed
because you are here.”

I peeked my head up again
To see who said those words
And saw that it’s God
Sitting with all of us – the world
at the Divine Dinner Table

God is as close or as far away
as you want Him to be
Every person, animal,
plant, stone – all of creation
from the past, present, and future
Has a seat
at the Divine Dinner Table

We are all just little children
laughing while eating
delicious food, and knowing
We’re loved, safe,
protected and important
Oh, the Angels sing
When we come together like this!

The only cranky children
Are those who refuse
To take their rightful place
At the Divine Dinner Table
They each have their own reasons
For not sitting in their blessed chair,
but none of their reasons
ever makes them happy

The Divine Dinner Table


It’s Truly Never Personal

A man, who happened to be Native American was sitting at a meeting. During the meeting a man across from him began saying horrific things about Native Americans as he peered directly at the Native American man. The Native American man just smiled and sipped his coffee.

A woman sitting next to the Native American man leaned over and whispered, “Aren’t you Native American?”

“We are older than that term and the other terms that have been imposed upon us, but generally speaking, yes.”

“Doesn’t it bother you what that man is saying about Native Americans?”

The Native American man leaned towards the woman and chuckled, “Ma’am, that man hasn’t said one word about Native Americans. However, that man is speaking volumes about himself.”

Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

Today is the 9 month anniversary of our 23 year old daughter, Kelin, passing from the physical realm. Some moments are more difficult than others, but each moment is filled with a gift.

A few months ago, Kelin’s son, Andy, our grandson who is 2 and a half years old, woke up and said, “My mom came to me in a dream last night, hugged me, told me I am handsome and that she’s going to bring me chocolates.”

For me, beauty for ashes doesn’t always mean that the Creator says, “Poof! Here’s peace.” Sometimes beauty for ashes comes from the Creator by us allowing Love, Prayer, Laughter and Tears to take us by the hand, and sing, write, draw, or paint the pain out until the beauty comes forth.

Today was a day to do my best with words and paint to honor Kelin, as well as honor the beautiful reminder from God through a 2 and a half year old child. A reminder that we are all ever-connected by and with Love. There is no death, only transition, and our loved ones who are no longer with us in physical form can certainly give us hugs and chocolates from heaven when our hearts are open to receive them.

~ Walk in Beauty, Walk in Love

The Last Place You Look is the First Place You’ll See

There are no secrets
No unknowns
All the mystics emptied themselves
of God’s wisdom
Every teaching has been shared
Every mystery revealed
All power accessible
And it’s all within
the last place you seek

That beautiful heart of yours
that beats in perfect Unison
with God and the Uni-Verse
will hold nothing back from you

There are no secrets
within the warehouse
of holiness you are –
the storehouse of cosmos
inside you

It scares you to enter
because illusions told & sold
by religiosity says there’s secrets,
and you don’t want to be punished
What greater punishment is there
than being what you seek
and not seeing it?
Having what you need,
and not knowing it?

Free yourself, beloved,
break the rules of illusion
Look inside
So you stop looking
everywhere else
when there’s nowhere
else to look
You’ll see by looking within
And after that
You’ll see it everywhere
The last place you look
Is the first place you’ll see

The Table

God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit
and all the Holy messengers of the ages
are sitting at a table
Listening carefully to your thoughts,
in unison they reply,
“Of course you’re welcome here
at this table.
You’re not sitting with us
because you’re still
trying to figure out
what you can bring
to this table.
Let us tell you, dear child,
there’s nothing you can
bring to this table
that isn’t already here,
including you.
Can’t you see that hell
is only this misperception?”