Street Outreach: Love, Service & Leadership

Street Outreach: Love, Service & Leadership will be released and available on Amazon Thursday November 1st, 2018.

“This book is a riveting account of the reality of human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and other forms of neglect that push youth out of mainstream society and into the margins of despair and cold survival. One cannot read and learn about why this happens, why it continues, and how it is perpetuated by society and not feel the need to join and/or contribute to the solutions offered by Anthony Goulet.”

– Richard R. Ramos
Founder, Author, of Parents on a Mission
President – CEO, The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership

Street Outreach Book 1


Forgiveness Makes Sense After We Practice It

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Blame is a normal and logical response to hurt. It’s also important to look a little further down the road and prepare ourselves for what comes after blame.

1. Blame indiscriminately.
Kick. Yell. Scream. Cry. Whatever you need to do, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

2. Blame in a way that empowers you.
Blame that mutherfucker for making you someone who is unstoppable. For making you dig deep into a well of strength you may have never known existed within you if it wasn’t for them.

3. Prepare to give yourself justice and let yourself off the hook. Prepare to forgive.
In preparation of forgiveness, remember that forgiving them, him or her, has nothing to do with them, him or her, but everything to do with you. You don’t have to forgive them, him or her by seeing or speaking to them, him or her.
This is between you and the Creator for your own healing and freedom. You don’t ever have to see them, him or her again. You don’t ever have to allow them, him or her back into your life, mind or heart again.

4. Forgive everyone who has hurt you or who you carry anger about and towards. You can do this in private or with trusted family and friends supporting you. Say the words “I Forgive You,” as you visualize sending them, him or her into the Creator’s light. You’re sending them, him or her into the Creator’s light to free yourself from the hell of rage, hate, anger and any self-destructive behavior or patterns.

Blame, by itself, without any steps towards forgiveness, will take horrible moments in our lives and turn them into the rest of our lives. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool we’ve been given because it will reach into our past, present and future and bring us peace, release and true freedom. Forgiveness and all its holy, sacred benefits, are usually only understood and makes sense after we do it.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets hurt.” ~ Buddha

Be gentle with yourself. I love you.

~ Walk in Beauty,
Anthony Goulet

Decide for Yourself

A rose never decides against itself. It allows all of its beauty to unfold, both receiving and giving all of the perfection that it is. You are a sacred blessing, miracle and gift. Any resistance to this truth is ego. The ego only wants separation. And what a separation it is to loath and condemn yourself, then project that violent separation outward to others.

Who came up with the false image of you that says you’re anything less than a sacred blessing, miracle and gift? As sure as you did not create yourself, you did not create this false image of yourself. This false image reduces the son and daughter of the Most High Creator to a guilty, condemned, disconnected, unworthy, unknown, and insignificant fragment. This false image is violence, both the cause and the symptoms. This violent fragmentation is the opposite of the whole and Holy truth that the ego does not want you to remember, because in this Holy memory the ego dissolves to the nothing it is. Do not bow to this false image of yourself anymore. No matter how temping it may be to say that this is humble, because there is nothing humble about deciding against yourself without the Creator. Humility is deciding for yourself with the Creator.

Arrogance is thinking of yourself as anything other than what you are. What you are is a sacred blessing, miracle and gift, yet even those words are mere sparks compared to the Light of Who you are from and all that is you.

Dear child of the Great One, how great is your memory that needs only one word to dissolve the thin veil you think separates you from your Maker and all of creation. In this instant you are called back to the Creator and yourself. In this instant your ancient Holy name is known again by you, calling you, speaking it clearly in your heart. In this instant you remember that it is not a journey of one thousand miles, but only one step that takes you from hell to heaven.

Lay down your mask. The masks you’ve worn are no longer necessary because you are welcome here.
Lay down your hopelessness. You are not hopeless. You are as certain as God Who created you.

Lay down your perfectionism. You are and have always been perfect.
Lay down your desire to become someone. You are already much more than some one, you are all within the One.
Lay down the desire to become something. You are already more than some thing, you are everything.
Lay down the weapons that ego has forged against you, and then projected towards others.

You are Love. Love is eternal and beyond destruction. The thin veil of false images telling you that you are anything less than a sacred blessing, miracle and gift are mere distortions of your Holy reflection. The false images of ego have painted over the mirror that obscures your Holy reflection, so when you look at the lies, you think it’s you, but it’s not. You’re beyond the lies that blur your vision. You’re beyond the past that the ego uses to justify self-imprisonment. You’re beyond the false images the ego has constructed that blur you from you, God, and all of creation. The Creator Who lovingly hung the earth on nothing manifested you from this same great love.

In this instant you remember that the slate is clear, and always has been.
In this instant you wipe the mirror clean of all the false images that cloud your true reflection.
In this instant you see your true self again and remember you are a sacred blessing, miracle and gift.
In this instant you reach out to the loving life-giving rain and sunshine that nourishes you and allows the beauty of you to unfold.
In this instant you decide for yourself with God and bloom within the sacredness you are.
In this instant you decide for yourself and allow the illusions of the ego to roll off of your flawless petals.
In this holy instant you decide for yourself, with God, and remember that you are Love.

The rose in full bloom
Nourished when open
Magnificence displayed
Never deciding against itself
The rose is humble

Rose with poem II