Stay in Love

Your God-given mission and vision will carry you through the late nights, early mornings, lack of sleep, rejections and criticism, so that what is being birthed through you gets to those who need it. But you have to be committed. Devote yourself to your path. 

Some may want what you have, but many would never go through what you went through to have it.

Allow the Creator’s love to pour through you. 

Stay on purpose with the vision and mission that’s within your heart. 

Say no without explanation. 

Say yes with reverence, prayer, and contemplation because that’s time you won’t get back. 

Don’t let criticism go to your heart, and don’t let compliments go to your head. 

Keep your heart open.

Keep your workspace sacred.

Keep going.

Stay in love.

Remember that success is not about how many people love your work, success is about love being your work. 

~ Walk in Beauty