It’s About Your Soul, Mate

sound bites, bumper sticker psychology,
freeze dried spirituality,
140 characters marching us further apart

No room for mystery in an age of information
that’s missing substance –  depth – connection
Conventional wisdom tells us nothing
in videos that are three minutes or less as standard
catering to a modern day attention span
As the Caterer delivers cotton candy –
sweet with no substance
hype with no how
Vines that bear no fruit
only chocking out the time and room
Unconventional – original- stardust wisdom needs to grow

Like being handed the nine numbers
to call your soulmate
but the numbers aren’t in order
So we spend our lives in frantic busyness
with endless streams of information
mistakenly thinking that it leads anywhere
other than nowhere


The Perfect Key is You

We’re created 
in perfect key – 
the frequency 
of Love 

Listening to fear
will make you tone deaf 
to God, Love and yourself 

Everything strikes 
a cord
It just depends 
in what key
someone is playing
and in what key
someone is listening 

Like tuning forks
in the road
calling us 
more deeply
into what we are 
or what we’re not –
Love or fear

The perfect key is Love
The perfect key is You 



Those Elders

Those elders,
as imperfect
as they were,
those elders are
on my mind
Those elders
I would drive
12-18 hours
every other
to visit with
We would talk,
laugh, cry, pray,
and sit by the fire
They took their time
with me, you know
They gave up time
for me, you know
And those
12-18 hour drives
back home
weren’t always
with spiritual highs
and profound
they shared with me
Many of those drives
were filled with tears
and me punching
my steering wheel
cussing and being
so angry about
some of the things
they said, shared,
and teased me about
The ceremonies,
yes, even the talks,
because conversations
are ceremony too,
were about life
Living more deeply
by allowing
certain things to die
Those elders
were so gentle
with my spirit
and mind
but vicious with
my ego
With no hesitation
they would thrust
a spear into my ego
with few words –
or no words at all
Laughing at
my false pride,
false humility,
and my arrogance
in any form
when ego reared its head
Those 12-18 hour
rides back home
were me fighting
to keep
what was stopping
me from living
Those drives back home
were filled with the
torment and grief
of me dying
to an ego
that did nothing
but separate me
from The Creator,
myself – my heart
Those elders,
those dear elders
weren’t always sweet,
but they saved my life

Whenever I speak
of those elders
I often hear
people say,
“I wish those types
of elders existed today”
My response is,
Those types of elders
do exist today,
but like years ago,
and perhaps since
the beginning of time
not many people are
willing to go through
the death
those types of elders
so that we can live
more fully, deeply,
and freely
In the words of
one of those elders,
“You can look around
until you get
the answer you want,
but that’s not
looking for truth,
that’s looking
for confirmation
and validation
There will always
be a couple of
people who think
you’re an asshole
no matter what
you say or do
But when you have
a lot of people
saying the same thing
it’s time to look
at you
If you’re one
of the only ones
you know
who isn’t full of shit
then who’s
full of shit
is you”

Those elders,
those beautiful elders
aren’t few
It is few
who are willing
to look at
the things
we don’t want
or like to see
about ourselves
and allow
that which stops
us from living
to die