What Do Thoughts Know?

What do thoughts know?
They’ve made me
see things
that weren’t there,
and made me
miss things
that are true
What do thoughts know,
other than what
we tell them to tell us?


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The Hole in My Heart

I was born
with a hole
in my heart –
I really was

The doctors said
my heart
would heal
before I was
one year old –
and it really did

there’s another hole
in my heart –
it’s a hole
the size of you

No matter
how many words
I write
No matter
how many tears
I shed
I can’t fill it
so I’ll just
let it be
because maybe
I’ve been looking
at this all wrong

I’ve been waiting
for answers
from a door
outside of myself
when the entire time
I’ve been knocking
from within

The hole
in my heart
the size of you
isn’t a void,
but an opening
for you to come and go
as the Creator allows
to deliver words,
courage, peace,
and understandings
in sacred whispers
like these words
that were just
sent to me


The Last Place You Look is the First Place You’ll See

There are no secrets
No unknowns
All the mystics emptied themselves
of God’s wisdom
Every teaching has been shared
Every mystery revealed
All power accessible
And it’s all within
the last place you seek

That beautiful heart of yours
that beats in perfect Unison
with God and the Uni-Verse
will hold nothing back from you

There are no secrets
within the warehouse
of holiness you are –
the storehouse of cosmos
inside you

It scares you to enter
because illusions told & sold
by religiosity says there’s secrets,
and you don’t want to be punished
What greater punishment is there
than being what you seek
and not seeing it?
Having what you need,
and not knowing it?

Free yourself, beloved,
break the rules of illusion
Look inside
So you stop looking
everywhere else
when there’s nowhere
else to look
You’ll see by looking within
And after that
You’ll see it everywhere
The last place you look
Is the first place you’ll see

The Table

God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit
and all the Holy messengers of the ages
are sitting at a table
Listening carefully to your thoughts,
in unison they reply,
“Of course you’re welcome here
at this table.
You’re not sitting with us
because you’re still
trying to figure out
what you can bring
to this table.
Let us tell you, dear child,
there’s nothing you can
bring to this table
that isn’t already here,
including you.
Can’t you see that hell
is only this misperception?”